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Meet Blaze

Singer - DJ - Business Coach

Blaze has been singing professionally for 20 years. She got her start in theatre, dance, and musicals as a kid and the performance bug never left her! She has also been a professional DJ since 2018. With thousands of hours as a working musician under her belt, Blaze has a ton of experience on stage and behind the scenes. Blaze also has a passion for the business side of music; contracts, negotiations, public relations, and marketing. She's ready to help you take your music career to the next level. No more starving artists!

When Blaze isn't on stage, you can find her in the community working as Justice Warrior, playing with her fun kiddos, salsa dancing and/or eating jelly bellys. 

Disco Balls



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I've been working professionally in the music business for two decades. I have lots of tips on great items for the beginner to advanced career musician. Some of these are affiliate links. That's another thing I will teach you about in our 1:1 Biz Coaching Consultation. Getting a kick-back for sharing things you epic! Enjoy my list and feel free to send me your recommendations.

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